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Question: Can I also order without creating an account?

Answer: Of course, that is also possible! You can order in the shops chat function, via email or contact form, or simply give us a call!

Q: My discount code doesn't work

A: If your discount code is not working even though you are entitled to one (e.g. because you have signed up for the newsletter and have not yet used it), simply contact our customer service via chat, email, or phone. We will issue a new discount code for you.

Question: I cannot register/ log in / I can't access my account.

Answer: Check your email (also the spam folder), you have to confirm the account by email.
If this does not work, contact ourCustomer service.

Question: Is easyToi CONSTRUCTION/ SOS already available for purchase? | How do I request/ inquire about easyToi BAU/ SOS?

A: You can certainly buy easyToi CONSTRUCTION/ SOS already, simply send us an inquiry with the subject "easyToi BAU" or "easyToi SOS" depending on which area you want to use easyToi for. Inquiries can be made via chat, email/contact form, or by phone. (simply visit our contact page). We will then send you all relevant information and our customer service will be happy to advise you by phone!

Question: As a German company, do I have to specify my VAT identification number (VAT ID)?

Answer: no, We do not need VAT for German customers. This is only relevant for EU customers outside of Germany.

Question: How can I make sure that as a non-German EU customer I do not have to pay VAT?

Answer: Follow these instructions to be exempt from VAT:
1. Enter your correct VAT ID in the registration form.
2. In the checkout step 'Payment', choose the payment method: 'Payment in Advance'.
3. Once you have done this, the VAT that is displayed in the checkout will be deducted afterwards and therefore not shown on your invoice.

Question: I have provided my VAT ID and am exempt from VAT as a non-German EU customer. However, VAT is still being charged on my order. Please advise.

Answer: If you have provided your correct VAT ID and chosen the payment option PAYMENT IN ADVANCE, the VAT shown in the checkout will be manually deducted by us and therefore NOT shown on your invoice.

If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact our customer service:

You can reach us in the office at:

(+49)851 96625240 or
anytime on our mobile lines at: (+49)15111307501 and (+49)1715173931.

You can also write to us in the chat function (red symbol at the bottom right of the screen) and a representative will get back to you shortly.

You can also send us an email to: