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How it works:

The ProfiTube system is used during the construction phase when there is no direct connection yet between the pipe connectors of the roof gutter and the drainage on the ground. The high reusability distinguishes the durable ProfiTube as a sustainable temporary gutter drainage solution.

Scope of delivery of th ProfiTube Sets:

Bestseller: ProfiTube Set PRO PLUS

Six complete ProfiTube systems including:

6 roof connections
6 end pieces
14 mounting sets
15 tubes: 1 x 1m (3.28ft), 3 x 2m (6.56ft), 4 x 3m (9.84ft), 4 x 4m (13.12ft), 3 x 5m (16.4ft);

Total length of 50m (164ft)

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ProfiTube Set Basic

Two complete ProfiTube systems are included, consisting of:

2 roof connections
2 end pieces
4 fastening sets
3 tubes: 1 x 2m (6.56ft), 2 x 5m (16.4ft);

A total length of 12m (39.37ft)

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Profit Set Medium

Two complete ProfiTube systems included:

2 roof connections
2 end pieces
4 fastening sets
5 tubes: 2 x 2m (6.56ft), 2 x 3m (9.84ft), 1 x 4m (13.12ft);

A total of 14m (45.93ft) length

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ProfitTube Set Professional

Four full ProfiTube systems included:

4 roof connections
4 end pieces
10 fastening sets
11 tubes: 1 x 1m (3.28ft), 3 x 2m (6.56ft), 3 x 3m (9.84ft), 2 x 4m (13.12ft), 2 x 5m (16.4ft);

A total of 34m (111.55ft) length

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Profit Set 80 m (262,47 ft)

8 complete ProfiTube systems included:

8 roof connections
8 end pieces
25 fastening sets
12 tubes: 1 x 1m (3.28ft), 4 x 2m (6.56ft), 4 x 3m (9.84ft), 6 x 4m (13.12ft), 7x 5m (16.4ft);

A total of 80m (262.47ft) length

The photo does not correspond to the pack size of the set

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Profit Set 100 m (328,08ft)

10 complete profit systems included:

10 roof connections
10 end pieces
33 fastening sets
tubes: 1 x 1m (3.28 feet), 4 x 2m (6.56 feet), 4 x 3m (9.84 feet), 6 x 4m (13.12 feet), 11x 5m (16.40 feet);

A total of 100m (328.08 feet) length

The photo does not correspond to the pack size of the set.

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Explanatory video

Our junior CEO demonstrates how everything works, from the gutter inlet socket for steep and flat roofs to the infinity tube system for drainage:

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Explanation of the individual components of the ProfiTube system:

Roof gutter inlet funnel with fixed connection for pitched and flat roofs

Stable aluminum mounting brackets (plates) ensure reliable support on the gutter.

These are simply fixed with the built-in wing screws without the need for tools.

This way, ProfiTube is optimally fixed without leaving any residue on the gutter.

Suitable for outlets with diameters (with seal) from 80mm (3.15 inches) to 110mm (4.33 inches).

120mm (4.72 inches) diameter without seal.

Designed for gutter spouts, internal drains as well as parapet drains (flat roofs).

Flexible and antistatic spiral tube

The antistatic spiral hoses are UV and weather-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use.

The high-quality production by skilled artisans gives the tube system excellent durability.

In particular, during harsh weather conditions in autumn and winter, craftsmen and builders can rely on the ProfiTube system for effective roof drainage.

Infinity plug-in sytem

Our tubes are universally combinable and infinitely extendable thanks to the sophisticated male-female stainless steel plug-in system.

This allows ProfiTube to be individually adapted to all building heights and remains leak-proof even in horizontal positions thanks to the built-in seal.

The externally attached tension brackets enable easy tool-free installation and guarantee a secure hold in all weather conditions.

Mounting on facades and scaffolding

Adjustable pipe clamps serve as brackets on scaffolding or facade. This way, ProfiTube is properly fixed and does not interfere with your workflow.

The best comes last...

Our discharge spout is firmly coupled to the floor drain pipe with wing screws along the support plates. This makes tearing out impossible even in heavy rain or storms.

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Are you also tired of bad and unreliable makeshift temporary downspout solutions that constantly fall off and need to be disposed of?

ProfiTube was awarded the START UP AWARD 2022 for sustainability by the Dach+Holz International exhibition for its high-quality manufacturing that gives the system exceptional durability.

Opt for for sustainability with ProfiTube!

Explanation & Use videos: